How to begin? Call me 'LJ'...

An educated Black queen. An etherial Native American. A sybaritic Western European hybrid. An intelligent Middle Eastern minx. A voluptuous amalgamation, with soft caramel skin, a pillowy pout, hypnotic hazel eyes, & a bright smile that intrigued you. A disarming charm, effervescent aura, & Deadpool-esque sense of humour that ensnared you. A big personality with even bigger, curly hair that enraptured you. 

An unique & Defiant American Beauty

A dual citizen. A cosmopolitan Army Brat. A Southern Debutante. A well-educated lass with a bustling career who is ultimately driven to finishing my coursework so I can start my dissertation. With so much of my life having been planned for me, in my downtime I enjoy doing as I please & being pleased. What tantalizes me you ask?

Sipping a neat scotch while we soak in an luxe tub overlooking the city. Dancing in the kitchen as we cook, licking ingredients off one another. Our fingers intertwined as we exchange sultry glances in dimly lit rooms.

My interests are as divergent as my background. I dig Michelin Stars & local dive bars. Low top Converse are as amazing as red bottoms; although, barefoot is my go-to. My wardrobe is timelessly monochromatic (usually), but being naked is preferred. I live in "Big 10 Country", yet pledge allegiance to SEC Football. I partake in cheesy tourist "must-dos", but always travel off the beaten path. As enthralled by Hip-Hop & Rock as I lift weights in the gym as I am by the Classical genre in barre. I read the likes of James Baldwin & Kurt Vonnegut, but lose myself just as easily rereading Harry Potter. Yet, illicit seduction is still my favorite avocation.

A complex personality defined by my heritage & life experience. Like the ubiquitous fine wine, it is rarely a single varietal, but a blend that takes each element & pulls the best parts of each harvest to create something richer & rounder that transposes the palette in unexpected ways. An Unique & Defiant American Beauty.

Our unrivaled chemistry & authenticity come together as a moment in time where you're allowed to be free. So, are you ready? I pray you hurry, for I can't wait to hear you whisper, "Hell Yeah".


Sum & Substance

  • Age: A twenties-somethin' with an old soul
  • Height: A towering 5'5" barefoot, 5'10" in heels
  • Measurements: 38C-31-48; curves & swerves, thighs that touch, & a little tummy & still yummy
  • Race: Multiracial
  • Ethnicity: Multiethnic
  • Citizenship: USA & Germany
  • Travel Status: Passport Ready
  • Horoscope: Cancer & Leo (Cusper) 
  • Tarot Birth Cards: "The World" & "The Empress" 
  • Education: Current Doctoral student with enough wit & common sense to match. Itching to be "ABD"
  • Languages: English Fluently, Spanish & French Conversationally, Lakota Sioux... I try
  • Houses: Gryffindor with recessive Slytherin traits... 
  • Myers Briggs: INFP cloaked as an ENFJ
  • StrengthsQuest: Empathy, Achiever, Command, Strategic, Futuristic

The Press

"...She was well worth the six month wait! Young but mature. Luxurious but genuinely down to earth. Confident but humble." — Collateral1, July 2017

"When she smiles, LJ glows with a presence that is infectious & leaves you wanting to experience more.. " — TokenUser April 2017

"So, in the end, move over Barack Obama, get lost Joe Rogan, London James is officially my new favorite American citizen!" — MERB Review, March 2017

"Samuel Johnson once said "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." Though he spoke of the city, he could have just as easily been speaking of the delightful London James. I know for certain that I shall never grow tired of her." — Private Review, July 2016

N.B. I am moving away from reviews due to privacy reasons & legality purposes. I have included some excerpts for now. Thank you for honouring our relationship & my privacy.


Are you ready?