Nothing Can Stop Me, I'm All The Way Up...

Honestly, I only have one thing to say:  

You 👏. Got 👏. The 👏. Wrong 👏. Bitch 👏. *clap as you say each word for full effect*

 Maybe I was the only one taught that unless it impacts you, it's not your business. Or that you shouldn't mess with folx careers and personal lives.

Maybe I was the only one taught that unless it impacts you, it's not your business. Or that you shouldn't mess with folx careers and personal lives.

I say that with complete and utter sincerity. If you think you’re going to slander my name, you ‘done lost your gawt-dayum mind because I do not have time for all these games. If you’re going to report me for being a harlot, cool… I got you. No denying that from me. However, if you’re going to report me for being a harlot and claim some outrageous bullshit (with no evidence to back your claims you trifling a$$ motherf@%&!#$), that’s where I draw the line.

Let me just come on out and say it. A little over a month ago, I was officially outed.

No, not the soft whispers and inquisitive looks that you receive when there is just a touch of scandal following you (think "Salt Bae" kind of touch). No, full on “me” and LJ were finally linked and between the messages of support, mainly from 30+ year old women, and the messages of “go kill yourself” (In my French Montana voice "Haan?"), mainly from women 30 years old and younger and a lot of men, I was living in a nightmare of sorts. Don’t get me wrong, I knew being outed was bound to happen at some point and I was prepared for it (financially, at least). What I was not prepared for was the way it happened, the toll it would take on me mentally, emotionally, and physically (#NoSleep). By the way, to all of you who reached out to me during that time, and there are so many of you, thank you so very much! It means more than I can express.

See, while those folx* were too busy reveling in their “apparent” win, publicly adding their vitriolic commentary about the situation on social media, I was dusting my shoulders off, following a game plan that some amazing women helped me create (thank you TabsAsh). I was flying across the country kickin’ it with friends, getting my affairs in order. I left on my terms when I was ready, and I negotiated a pretty bomb severance package. Clearly, the plan of destruction wasn't thought out well enough or completely. Bless their hearts, they really tried it.

Now, before those in my circle get riled up, let’s take a deep breath. I’m alive, I’m happy, and I’m making some major moves in my life that I cannot wait to share with y’all. In the meantime, here is what I do know:

I am an educated, powerful plus size woman of color (heeeeyyyyyy!!!) that makes no apologies as I jet-set around the world. I do not feel the need to tear others down, meddle in their lives, or mess with their income. I am living my best life without archaic rules, morals, and societal norms confining me and other people into a box of what is acceptable and "right". I’ll be busy working in a field that values what I bring to the table, having fun while I do it, and making more money.

Although the library is open, reading is fundamental, and my level of "petty" has the potential to be astronomically high, I rather continue to take the high road. Why? Because have you ever met a hater doing better than you? No? Neither have I. And all things reveal themselves in time as we have come to learn.

The world works in mysterious ways. I have come to the conclusion that this happened for a reason. Doors have opened, opportunities have presented themselves, and exciting experiences are entering my life. I'm moving on to some next level type stuff (ish). So, in a way... I'm oddly thankful. 

Oh, and that scarlet letter that was slapped on me? Well, by the time this is published, I'll be all the way up, wearing that bad boy with pride as I sit by the ocean, drinking champagne, allowing others to bask in the glory of all my curves, swerves, and beautiful melanin. *smirk*