Keep Calm & Move On



Today's the day, y'all! I'm finally telling you where I'm headed. Later this week, I'll jet-set off to Dallas to write the final pages of this most recent chapter. My job: look drop dead gorgeous as I pack boxes in the temperature controlled apartment. My movers: move said boxes and heavy furniture shirtless, to the truck, in the hell that is heat and humidity, so I may admire their chiseled physique. If it makes any difference, I'm only on the second floor and they have an elevator so... it's not too bad. Great views for me though.

I'll hang out in Dallas for a few days and revisit the city that helped my grow personally and professionally. The city that I became a companion in. I've already committed myself to visiting those old haunts that some very special clients took me to, dressing to the nines for a late night bar crawl in Deep Ellum, drinking some scotch at Fearings at the Ritz (aka The Rattlesnake Bar), and giving that extra long hug to some friends. I'm saying "See you later!", because this isn't the end for me and Dallas.

From there, I'll hop back on a plane, watch said movers move things shirtless... again, unpack in a new home, and start the reestablishment process (colleagues, some of you know what I'm talking about). 

To be frank, I never wanted to move. Dallas was to be my home for at least one more year. However, after being outed in both my personal and professional circles, sometimes the best thing is a fresh start in a new place. 

It's not that I didn’t want to move to the Big Apple, or the City of the Big Shoulders, Music City, Canada, or even The Smoke. Trust me, I wanted to. However, sometimes things come out of left field and it feels right. When that happens, you just should run with it. Am I right?

But let me stop deflecting on the question at hand. Here’s some fun facts about my new home…

  1. One of my favorite things, Post-Its, were created here. Romy and Michelle lied, y’all.
  2. This state’s former governor only served one term. While he left the coffers empty, he did want to decriminalize prostitution. At least there is that.
  3. The famed Skyway System means I can live, eat, work, shop, and play and rarely have to step outside during the cold winters. However when I do have to step outside I hope it’s to the airport (see #4).
  4. It’s Delta Airline’s Midwestern Hub which means it’ll be easier to fly me to you when your heart desires.
  5. With over 90,000 miles of shoreline, we can save all the exotic beaches for the winter.
  6. Oh yeah! There’s one boat for every six people. Commence “I’m on a Boat” in 3, 2, 1.
  7. Ready to go golfing? There are more golfers here than any other state.
  8. This mall is large enough to hold 32 Boeing 747 airplanes.
  9. Speaking of big things… our state fair is most likely larger than yours. Yes… even you Texas.
  10. The tame beginnings of the mighty Mississippi River start in this state. Seriously… you can walk on the Mississippi River. Want to do it with me?
  11. Also, there is more than 10,000 lakes. The actual number is near 12,000.
  12. And when this legend and family friend died, I was out in the middle of the streets singing with friends and family, “I only want to see you dancing in the purple rain”, among many other things.

So where am I headed? Darlin’, I'm happy to announce this tough as nails Steel Magnolia, this sassy & sophisticated Southern Belle, this young woman that a five year old boy in Mississippi stopped to tell her that she is "prettier than a Magnolia in May" is moving to... Minneapolis, Minnesota! I don't think they are going to know what to do with me. *wink wink*

*GASP* I know. But hey... at least it isn't Des Moines.



N.B. So with every move comes the need for a little bit of a shakeup. Here's some updates & some changes. Don't get mad, I told y'all there would be changes (see here).

  1. My rates have changed for the following: bespoke travel, long term arrangements (now including dinner dates & sleepovers), and social gatherings. As communicated in a previous mailer, my career takes precedence at this time, making the time I do have quite limited. As time is a precious commodity, I'm opting to treat mine more delicately. In addition, it was done to allow me to focus on my loyal clientele and friends by having fewer but longer appointments. If you have seen me prior to July 9th, 2017 you are grandfathered in till January 1st, 2018. 
  2. During this transition, if you pop by Minneapolis, know outcall is my preferred M.O. I'm still looking for the perfect incall space. If incall is your thing, please see my decorum in regards to acquiring the digs. Please note, my private residence is not an option, so please do not ask. It's this thing called work-life harmony and I am committed to putting theory to practice.
  3. A small 25% deposit will be required for all dates over 2H to be confirmed and a 50% deposit will be required for all travel dates. Running a sole proprietorship is no joke. Running a sole proprietorship that had to take over a month off? Now that's going to be a labor of love. My time will be limited which means I don't have time for jokers of any kind. 
  4. The minimum booking time for incall will be 2H unless I have posted "incall dates" on my schedule. 
  5. Finally... there may, emphasis on may, be a name change for London James in the future. While it pains me to say it, it may be a necessity for my own privacy and safety. If this is the case, I will be sure to communicate this clearly and immediately.