An Uncommon Combination. A Rare Kind of Woman.

The Tarot. An archetypal system that began to be recorded in the Middle Ages; although; there are indications its origins are even more ancient and distant. The Tarot represents and reflects the story of life: each card is a micro-story of the profound and commonly-lived experiences of our human journey. Your core Tarot encoding is revealed by adding your individual birth numbers together and then reducing them down. To expand on the archetype, your birth numbers can be added in a way as to bring forward one (and sometimes two) other major arcana archetypes that also live within you. Together, they can reveal so much about your soul's journey in this world. 

I can distinctly recall the first time I had my deck read. I had to drive to a ridiculously wealthy area of the city and was met by a lovely woman that drove a brand new Mercedes SUV, and wore a mink fur coat to our session. Clearly, home girl was not doing this for the money; her husband was & is quite the wealthy fella. I had set the appointment up weeks prior. I was actually in Cancun with a lovely suitor for New Years (going into 2017) when I set it up upon my return. All I told her was my name and my birthdate. Let's just say that the session left me speechless and inquisitive for weeks. Some things have come to pass; thinking about it, all things have. Although for some, these things come to pass because we believe what we are told in these sessions & those reoccurring thoughts go out to the universe. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I digress. What stood out most was my birth cards. 

In my case, I am the energetic combination of The World (#21 in the Tarot) and The Empress (#3 in the Tarot); an uncommon combination for quite some time. The combination of the The World & The Empress, tends to represent a dynamic quality-set and a duality that consistently feedback into one another. This emergent archetype and energy signature is one that represents my life story and my specific path to navigate. As with all encodings, inherent with World-Empress lies an undeniable soul-growth journey. 

As written by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone*: 

“The World and The Empress have in common clear minds and presence in the moment. In crown and wreath and hand-held symbols they share a sense of high purpose. In the gold of ornament and detail they have a common concern for spiritual elevation. They contrast as active and settled, as expressive and reserved, as personal and formal, as symmetrical and organic.

The World brings measure to The Empress' abundance; she brings orderly conclusion to The Empress' fertile beginning. The World's energy and openness balances The Empress' immobility and formality.





Unintegrated and imperfectly realized, The World can be awkward and inappropriate, brazen and overbearing, heavy-handed and destructive, stiffly traditional and unimaginative. The Empress can be wildly self-indulgent, unaware of and unconcerned with consequences. She can be vain, overbearing and autocratic, and use weakness, whimsy and helplessness to manipulate people and events. (Well, there's that...)

Together they can be spontaneous and graceful, beautiful and proportionate. Between them, things do what they were born to do, live as they were meant to live, and last as long as they were meant to last. Between them, destinies are realized and completed. (And there's the silver lining...)

You are an embodiment of the “both-and” of these archetypes, as well as the pinnacle point and “in-between” of them – the resultant entity – created by their relationship. You are here to evolve the cooperative, symbiotic relationship between these archetypes.

When understood, accepted and allowed to flow naturally, the World-Empress will lead your soul where it wants to go – toward clarity, integrity, evolution, holistic-seeing, mindfulness, expression, flow of easy effort and fulfillment, allowance and grace, and the embodied actualization of your power. It is when you see, understand and approach this path from your natural place of wholeness that your journey will able to be harnessed so it can unfold optimally and with least effort."



  • Postures — dancing / sitting (Graceful and in motion vs. stately and still) 
  • Colors — gold, green, purple, light blue and flesh tone / yellow, gold, green, red and white (Soft, complex and subtle vs. bright, simple and intense)
  • Clothing — draped nude / loosely robed (Unselfconsciously theatrical vs. formally modest)
  • Symbols — wreath with lemniscates, four beasts, sash, wreath in hair and wands / crown, pearls, wreath in hair, orb and scepter, trees, river and wheat (mythic and allegorical vs. ceremonial and natural
  • Foreground Figures — the same blonde female in each card (two aspects of the divine feminine, as beginning (Empress) and ending (World) of the creative process)


  • Saturn (World) — time, orderliness, grand and stately progress, the contractions of birth and death
  • Venus (Empress) — love, beauty, the creativity of nature, nurturing and protective motherhood


  • Intensely outward, open and active vs. Filled with creative but unexpressed potential
  • Disciplined and regular vs. Chaotic and unpredictable
  • Natural and adaptable vs. Formal and inwardly certain


The more you know, right?

See you on the flip side...

LJ, xx

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