My Savage Ways: Spiritual Cleansing...

Sunday... Healing Day...

Had you called me a "Savage" years ago, I probably would have welled up with tears. Fast forward eight (8) years later & should you call me a "Savage" my first response will be, "You right." Then depending on how you used said word, depends on what savage you get: 'Woke Savage' or 'Playful Savage'. 

Following the footsteps of my ancestors has been no easy task. As a "two-minded", someone of multiple races & ethnicities, I spent quite a bit of time trying to prove to the fam on the Rez that I was as down with the old ways as much as "you, your momma, and your cousin too". That, ladies and gents, is an Outkast reference. If you don't know them, listen to "In Due Time" - that'll get you through some valleys, but I digress. 

Sundays, I spend a good couple hours cleansing my home and myself, wherever I am. It's just a good day to let go of all that negative juju and focus on what really matters: aligning our energy to match the wavelength of positivity. And to hopefully realize some things about ourselves. 

So go get you some white sage, holy water, sea salt, and some cleansing and purification bath salts, and get your positive wavelength on. 

Till the next time we chop it up...

LJ, xox

White Sage | I keep a good bundle or two in the house at all times. I'm digging that ring and that tat. Ideas abound, y'all

White Sage | I keep a good bundle or two in the house at all times. I'm digging that ring and that tat. Ideas abound, y'all

On Cleansing & Blessing Your Space

This is just my preferred ritual. Create yours as you see fit. 

Needed Items: Sage Smudge Stick, Holy Water, Sea Salt, Bath Salt

  1. Prep your space by closing all the windows, and your front and back doors. Then open every closet, cabinet, and drawers in the area you're cleansing. Also be aware of where your smoke alarms are... trust me. 
  2. Go to the Easternmost corner of your space/home; that's where you'll start (upstairs if it's a multilevel home). Come on, pull out the compass app on your phone. I had to. Light the sage (put something underneath it like a bowl) and begin moving in a counterclockwise direction. During this time, you're physically telling the bad juju to get lost. Also note the crooks and crannies; energy will hind behind mirrors, doorways, and in other places. If you're wondering if you should get behind that nook, the answer is yes. So you'll continue doing this in every room until you get to the front door.
  3. You're done burning the sage? Legit! Open the door and let the bad juju be gone. I even tell the negative energy it's not welcome in my home. When the smoke clears shut the front door and keep it moving.
  4. Go back to the room you started in and take Holy Water and spray all the rooms and objects in a clockwise motion. I ask for light, peace, prosperity, joy, protection, love, and success to enter my home. Ask for whatever you want. Repeat this process in every room until you reach the front door. 
  5. Then grab the sea salt and in the four (4) corners of each room, sprinkle some. Salt tends to ground the power and keep it in place. 
  6. To complete the cleansing and blessing, I take a salt bath to remove residual energy. Even my dog gets a bath (without the salts though). Make sure your bathtub is completely clean. Fill it with warm (I go hot) water and place the salts of your liking in. I usually do a blessing, purification, and prosperity bath. I spend about forty (40) minutes soaking, uninterrupted. I think about what I want to release and what I want to attract. Afterwards, I drain the tub while I'm still in it and then take a quick little shower. 

After all of this is said an done, I always step out feeling lighter and ready to conquer the world. It's by far one of the best rituals I have in my life. Try it out yourself and see what happens.