Travel & Wanderlust Notes


After growing up...

on Army Bases, the rolling prairies, & Southern dirt roads, I travel as often as possible to partake in curating breathtaking experiences with amazing folx. Traveling is a way to re-center, re-focus, & get re-enchanted with life. Plus, much like alcohol & cars, some things are just better imported. 

If our schedules don't align or you can't find yourself in Minneapolis, don't let geography get in our way. Whether a getaway or accompanying you on a work trip, moving about the country or galavanting across the globe, I'm happy to join. I have an insatiable wanderlust, a thirst for adventure, & a passport that is so ready.

Some wanderlust advice

  1. Don't forget your passport/ID on the breakfast bar or in an empty wine box. You & your Uber driver won't be in a race against the clock. We won by the way.
  2. Eat... like a local.
  3. Let people in. Yes... talk to strangers. The community knows more than us.
  4. Say yes to adventure more often than no. Age is irrelevant to adventure. Once you're over the hill, you pick up speed.
  5. Walk a lot and get lost. 
  6. Don't (insert expletive). I know we're tired but let's find something to admire.
  7. Never pass up the opportunity to use the facilities... seriously.



Travel Manners

Planning an engagement requires at least one week of advance notice so that I may make the necessary accommodations on my end. For safety & privacy reasons, I enjoy booking my own flight & meeting one another at the airport. Think the airport scenes in Love Actually.

Deposits are used to safeguard our time as I will not confirm our date until it is received. In addition, it's needed so I may book my flight to you. A minimum 50% deposit is required.

Before our Date having a brief chat before our jaunt via phone or Skype allows us to knock out the details early so we can focus on what really matters... us. 

Accommodations are simple. I prefer to lay my head down next to you in our luxurious 4+ star hotel or resort. Sleeping alone is a waste of my talent! I enjoy the intimacy of our pillow talk, holding one another skin against skin.  Please secure us a King bed - I adore cuddling but I'll admit I'm a bit of a nuclear furnace. If you're not a great bedfellow, we should probably sleep separately. I've been compared to a little energizer bunny but once I'm sleepy, I'm  104% tired and there is no coming back from that. Rest is essential, so for extended overnights & when traveling together, I require a minimal six (6) hours of uninterrupted sleep if I'm to be in fine fettle; eight (8) hours to keep sass at bay.

A hungry mind I do have. If we should be spending a significant amount of time together, I do require a minimal two to three (2-3) hours of alone time per day to use as I see fit. I'll most likely go exploring off the beaten path or join some colleagues for a posh little lunch.


*Packages include my round-trip business to first class airfare, underground valet parking at MSP Intl Airport (it's winter), & other miscellaneous travel to you. Packages DO NOT accommodations.*

Some notes

  • USA Domestic Travel (Lower 48): Minimum 4H Date +$750 for travel expenses
  • Hawaii, Alaska, & Canada: Minimum 12H Date + $900 for travel expenses  
  • International Travel (Ex.Canada): Minimum 15H Date +$2,000 for travel expenses 
  • For travel decorum & thoughts on accommodations, please look click here.