Welcome Home, Ms. James...


Let me set the scene. I'm currently sitting cross legged between the crisp white sheets in my dope suite in DuPont Circle. The floor to ceiling windows are giving me breathtaking views of a city I've come to love. My bags are packed in preparation for my early AM flight back to Minneapolis. The business flight of course, was picked on purpose. I'm trying to get me a senator, y'all. Just kidding. The background noise is being filled by Bruno Mars & Cardi B's 90s throwback, "Finesse". As all this is happening, I'm trying to find the right way to inform you all about the big changes happening in my life. I'm not going to drag this on but allow me to state just one little fact.  

Since I was a child, I've always marched to the beat of my own drum. I've opted to live on the wind, allowing it to take me to where I'm meant to be. Road maps to life be damned. Purposely passing short cuts to take the long way round. Hell, maybe I'm doing that now. However, it feels right and it's what I want. 

It's not that Minneapolis isn't great to me. In fact, it's treated me quite well! However, part of growing up and being an adult is recognizing when a location is only just a temporary stop during your life's journey. 

So, in true LeBron James fashion, I'm going to put it like this, "This Summer, and this is very tough. This Summer, I'm going to take my talents to Washington, D.C. and join my colleagues there."

*GASP* I know. But hey, like I said the last time I moved, at least it isn't Des Moines. And I absolutely still stand by that statement. 

I'll see you permanently in July, D.C. 

LJ, xx

 London "LJ" James, Washington D.C. 2018

London "LJ" James, Washington D.C. 2018