Wicked RdV (Enthusiastic Greek Lessons/Fetish/Kink) +$200  ||  Couples +25%  ||   Same Day Bookings +$100  
Outcall on Tour +$100  ||  Social Rate $200/HR

  • Ladies, it is only 75% of the above listed rates due to the current wage inequality within our borders.
  • Wicked RdV (Enthusiastic Greek Lessons/Fetish/Kink), to learn more, click here
  • Duos, are available with my favorite teammates that I have gotten to know personally. Check them out here.



Has it been a moment since we spent time together? Or do you just know what it is you want. Either way flying me to you is bound to be an adventure full of unforgettable memories. All starting with our own reenactment of the reunion scene in Love Actually. 

*Packages include my business class flight & miscellaneous travel to you, NOT accommodations*

Some notes

  • USA Domestic Travel (Lower 48): Minimum 4H Date
  • USA Domestic, Hawaii, Alaska, & Canada: Minimum 12H Date
  • International Travel (Outside Canada): Minimum 15H Date & Kindly +$1,000 for flight
  • Packages include my business flight & miscellaneous travel to you, NOT accommodations
  • For travel decorum & thoughts on accommodations, please look no further than here.


Are you ready to take it to another level? If so, then this is for you. This is for the LJ connoisseur, I'm talking platinum level LJ. Unfiltered me at my best - & you adore it. If we're at this point, we've established a hell of a rapport. As familiar as we are with one another, let's explore this world together.