You're feeling the vibe, you've found some time, & you're ready to meet? I'm excited to meet you too! Rest assured that your privacy & security is as important as my own & all necessary measures are taken to ensure our protection. The information you provide just ensures you’re a safe person to see and will be deleted within 5 days.

Please note, my screening options are as follows:

  1. Verified personal information from my Screening form + Verified member of P411 with 2 Provider Okay's given within the last 120 days.

  2. Verified Personal Information from my Screening Form + Two References from Genuine Independent Companions that you have seen in the past 120 days. I do not accept agency references.

  3. Verified Personal Information from my Screening Form + Identity or Employer Verification Information

If your personal information is unverifiable, or if you send in a purposefully incomplete or inaccurate form, I will decline to meet.

Booking via my form below will make me swoon! As we move forward, screening & scheduling will be personally managed by me for our mutual safety. Due to this, please be patient as it can take up to 24H for a response. 

While you wait, you are encouraged to view my gallery, brush up on the finer details for your preparation, find the way to make my heart year for you even more, view my musings on twitter, or take a peek behind on the curtain on Instagram.

Looking forward to meeting you in the flesh...

London, xx




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