my CHeeky girlfriend...

Curvy? Check. Playful? Check. Cheeky? Check. All around awesome woman full of laughter. Check & check. If you're looking for my version of the Girlfriend Experience filled with romance, a deep & authentic connection, intellectual stimulation, & lots of laughs with a woman whom reminds you of *that* crush, that one that got away, I'm your girl.

A former Southern Debutante, I pride myself on being warm, inviting, & sensual. To please and be pleased. Our time with one another is meticously crafted & tailored to your tastes. Regardless of how our time is spent, whether over dinner or solely behind closed doors, by the time we part, we'll both be counting down the days till the next time & biting our bottom lips when remembering the last time. My rates for these visits can be found here.

MY wickedly naughty Playmate

You. Me. NOW.  If we are taking it to the next level, that's what my "Wicked Rendezvous" expereinces are made for- to be caught up in the moment.  

Uninhibited. Salacious. Concupiscent. Titillating. Kinky. A true Siren, I live to enrapture & seduce. To greedily devour my partner & be devoured. To be pulled, grabbed, softly bitten, spanked, and wantonly needed. And by the end, nothing more than a wicked smile appearing on my face as you trace my lips & sigh from pure eroticism & exhaustion.

This experience is for the individual that is intrigued by foreign language lessons or trips to the Amalfi Coast, groups, role play, me bringing another friend (man or woman), or something else your heart & body desires. 

Once screened, we can chat about what that means. For "Wicked" girlfriend/ PSE experiences, please note it is a 90 minute minimum & kindly +$200 to base rate. 


DSC_6338Retouch HALF.jpg

My Switch: BRATTY MINX or Sensual goddess

Polarity. I find it gives us depth. Naturally dominant in my day to day life, I enjoy guiding you down the path of sensual domination. Whether this is your first time traveling down this rabbit hole, or this is an innate part of your being, you have come to the right place. As I've matured, so has my style; a hybrid of sultry sensuality and excitement. With me, all the things you can't share with most or anyone are safe - even as you beg & plead to worship at the altar that is me. However, sometimes I just want to stop thinking & start feeling. Blame my Southern upbringing for my submissive roots. When the opportunity comes along to stop calling the shots, I greedily take it. And while I may submit to you... in time... be prepared for a sassy mouth because I am unequivocally bratty. 

Partaking in this world is no small matter. I would be remiss not to keep myself abreast of best practices. With that, know that I partake in risk aware consensual kink (RACK), safe, sane & consensual (SSC) BDSM, & consensual non-consent.

"BRATTY MINX" LJ LIKES*: Age Play, Blindfolds, Bondage, Breath Play, Collars, Consensual Choking, Consensual Non Consent, Corsetry, Edge Play, Hair Pulling, Impact Play (light to medium), OTK Spankings, Role Play, Shibari, Spanking, Tease & Denial, Verbal Humiliation, Wrestling.

"SENSUAL GODDESS" LJ LIKES*: Age Play, Blindfolds, Ball Busting, Boot/Heel/Foot Fetish, Chastity Training/Key Holding, Crossdressing, Cuckolding, Edge Play, Financial Domination, Feminization, Forced Intoxication, Impact Play, Latex, Maid Training, Pegging, Role Play, Tease & Denial, Tickle Torture, Toys for Boys, Trampling, Watersports (giving). Anything else, inquire. 


For these experiences, please note there is a 90 minute minimum and kindly +$200 to base rateDue to the nature of some of these encounters, I may opt to only engage in extended dates (4H+) to allow time for proper aftercare. Please inquire within.