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London James
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Well, this isn't necessarily what you may have anticipated. Regardless, I must commend you for a search well done! Despite the fact that I am not actively working nor advertising, you still found me!

As of March 5th, I am enjoying a well-planned & extended hiatus. During this time, I will be partaking in other adventures that have presented themselves & that I no longer want to keep on the back burner. As I prepared for this time away, I thoroughly kept you in mind in regards to altering my website. You'll notice some pages are no longer accessible through the main menu. That's because they are at this time deemed unnecessary while I am taking time off.

I know, I know. You're still sitting there saying to yourself, "Well, LJ this didn't really help." *Clears throat* I beg to differ! If you've been wondering:

  1. Is our date during the month of March still on if I booked before the 5th?
    It is! And if I really like ya, I might even add a date to my agenda!
  2. If you aren't available who am I to see?
    Well, I have some amazing friends for you to meet in my stead. Check them out!
  3. Girl, I just can't get you out of my mind. How can you help me??
    Good! I like being on your mind! I'd love it if you drop me a line, send a sweet gift/pick me up, join my mailing list, or check out my blog and/or Twitter. If you want the day to day updates, email me about SnapChat access! 
  4. I know you're on hiatus but I want to pre-book now!
    Awesome! I love an individual that knows how to plan. You are more than welcome to begin pre-screening to set up a date upon my return no earlier than June 9th. Social dates will begin being accepted on May 15th.

So go ahead & wander around. But don't let the sands of time pile too high, for I am ephemeral; always going where the wind takes me & clearly taking time off when it suits me. Flattered & humbled I caught your eye. I look forward to meeting you in the flesh. 

Wickedly Yours,

LJ, xx


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I imagine you're either doing one of two things: (1) wishing you had found me earlier or (2) kicking yourself in the ass for waiting so long. Well, don't fret. I'm prescreening for dates for the future (Mid-May onward). Get in touch!


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