London James
London James
An Unparalleled Paramour & Luxe Companion


Hello There...

What captivates you? I imagine if you've found your way here, exotic & voluptuous fusions of European sophistication & American South charm entice you. 

Life is... ironic. You spend your childhood wishing to grow up & before you know it, you do. Now, you find yourself constrained by society, work, & possibly family. And although you’ve worked harder & achieved what others thought you couldn’t, you find yourself unfulfilled. Until you found me. A feminine companion that is cheeky & loves to laugh, & is warm & engaging. A woman that shares your natural curiosity about everything & is worldly yet not pretentious. 

Case in point: I frequent Michelin restaurants & dive bars. I wear Louboutins but adore going barefoot. My wardrobe is timelessly monochromatic, yet naked is favored. I live in "Big 10 Country", yet pledge allegiance to "SEC". I partake in cheesy tourist attractions, but always travel off the beaten path. I read the likes of James Baldwin & Kurt Vonnegut, but find childhood wonder rereading Harry Potter. Yet, illicit seduction is still my favorite avocation.

I imagine we are both complex personalities defined by our heritage & life experience. Like the ubiquitous fine wine, it is rarely a single varietal, but a blend that takes each element & best parts of each harvest to create something richer & rounder that transposes the palette in unexpected ways. 

Our unrivaled chemistry & authenticity come together as a moment in time where you're allowed to be free. A word to the wise - once with me is never enough.




  • Age: Twenties-somethin' with an old soul
  • Height: A towering 5'5" barefoot, 5'10" in heels
  • Measurements: 36DD-31-46
  • Race & Ethnicity:Multiracial/Multiethnic
  • Citizenship: USA//Germany
  • Home Planet: That's Classified
  • Travel Status: Passport Ready
  • Tarot Birth Cards: "The World" & "The Empress" 
  • Education: B.A.Ed & M.A.Ed
  • Houses: Gryffindor with recessive Slytherin traits... 
  • Myers Briggs: INFP cloaked as an ENFJ