Good Form...

This site was made with copious amounts of love & quite a few late nights. I ask that you read my entire website thoroughly prior to making initial contact. I would appreciate you spending some time here. It's also a great idea to take a quick peek the day of our meeting to jog your memory. 


The prelude...

The Connection: You can oft' find me waxing poetic regarding how chemistry is key. Maturity, generosity, openness, humour, & a kind soul are the traits I seek in those I spend time with. My preference leans towards classic, professional, & refined fellas, ladies, & couples. Whether you're a bloke, a lass, or a couple, should you embody the attributes above, I see nothing wrong with spending time with you. Nothing warms me more than a well-spoken & kind individual, that looks at me like Jay Gatsby looked at Daisy, & adores me the way Yorkie adored Kelly in San Junipero. 

Your initial message is the first, & most important step in spending time together. As I've matured, I've found myself becoming more intentional about how & with whom my time is spent. The written word is elegant, & a bloke that grants me a glimpse into who they are is a gem I'd like to get to know.

Screening can be... different. An interview of sorts. You have numerous ways to "screen" me via my website, blogs, social media presence, & verification via Eros, P411, & The Verify Guide (& a handful of reviews). Now, extend me the courtesy of getting to know you. Spending time with a complete stranger requires some level of trust & rapport be built. Long story short, I want to ensure you're not Buffalo Bill. If you refuse to follow my screening procedures, then we have no business spending time together. 

Location is flexible.  Where we kick it is up to you incall or outcall; however, high key, outcall is my preferred M.O. Although, if you're dead set on a neutral location, please send +$200 along with your deposit. If we're meeting during my travels, don't you fret - the incall is all squared away & taken care of by me. 

Cleanliness is lovelyTo make the most of our time, please be freshly showered with fresh breath, clean hands, trimmed fingernails, & trimmed other areas. If you should need to freshen up upon arrival in my abode, it's all good. Take your time.

Duos/Duets are limited. I vibe off of a person's energy. I have a select handful of friends I adore. You may find them  here

Social Time is necessary for any date longer than three (3) or more hours. I'm more interested in a gent that wants to build a connection than one that just wants to, "ah push it" (& that's a Salt-N-Pepa reference). However, should being seen in public together make you "shooketh" either due to celebrity, status, or just genuine privacy concerns, let me know in advance so we can make arrangements. 


The Bread & Butter...

Patronage must be attended to immediately. For our mutual safety, patronage must be left in an unsealed envelope in plain view at the beginning of our date with absolutely no discussion concerning it. If we are meeting in public, please place the donation in a card or your favourite book for me to read later.

Deposits are used to safeguard our time as I will not confirm our date until it is received. My free time is extremely limited. By opting to spend time with you, I'm nixing other adventures & postponing other priorities; like reading those 300 pages for class . If deposits cause you consternation, riddle me this: what am I going to do with $1000? Retire? Live the good life forever? To quote the cult classic Clueless, "Ugh, as if. I don't think so."

  • MSP Dates: 25% Deposit
  • Tour Dates: 25%-50%, length of date depending
  • Travel Engagements: 50% Deposit

Outcall: I know you want me to arrive you safely & in style. Kindly add +$100 to the rate to ensure I arrive in your arms intact. 
Incall: I will typically provide the space; however, sometimes neutrality is nice. If you'd like a neutral space, let me know so we can make arrangements.

Currency Options: Wyclef Jean said it best, "Cash rules everything". I would prefer that deposits be sent to my P.O.Box & expedited. Maybe in one of your favorite books with a surprise inside?  Electronic transfers are for established guests. The day of, cash in large bills is preferred. 

Cancellations ARE YOU F@*%ING KIDDING ME? Meh, I kid, I kid! Life can get as mad as a hatter. Regardless, please be polite & inform me in a timely manner. If you should cancel once a date is confirmed...

  • With 24H+: I'll retain your deposit for a future escapade (30 days less any incurred fees).
  • Within 24H or less: You've now forfeit your deposit
  • Travel plans 72H before our departure: I will retain 25% & use the rest to re-book less any incurred fees.
  • I Cancel: It's highly unlikely, but I will return 100% of your deposit unless instructed otherwise. In addition, I'll show my appreciation in other ways.

No Shows are immediately placed on my block-list until the remainder is paid in full. Your next appointment, if considered, will require 100% pre-payment.


The Coda

"Thank You" Notes &/0r emails acknowledging our time together are quite lovely & I adore receiving & reading them. Trust me, it makes you stand out.

Reviews are well... reviews. Reviews have granted me some wonderful adventures. However, the legal issues associated with reviews have me slowly moving away from reviews & review culture. I ask that new reviews not be posted. Thank you for honouring our relationship & respecting my privacy. 

References are available so long as our rapport is positive. Please contact me before listing me as a reference. This way, I know to be on the lookout. In your interest, please only list me if we have seen one another within the last six to eight months. So, much can change in that timeframe.

Discretion is key! I will never interfere with your personal life & expect the same courtesy be extended to me.

The Travel Date

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