*If I am seeing you outside of Minneapolis or Chicago, please kindly add +100 Incall / +200 Outcall to all donations. 



Fly Or Bring me to you

Flying me to you is bound to be an adventure full of unforgettable memories all starting with our own reenactment of the reunion scene in Love Actually. Packages DO NOT include round-trip business to first class airfare, accommodations, & other misc. travel to you.*

  • USA Midwest (360 mile radius from MSP): 4H + variable travel

  • USA Lower 48 (not Midwest): 6H + variable travel

  • Hawaii, Alaska: 12H minimum + variable travel

  • International: 24H Date minimum + variable travel

  • Travel decorum & accommodations, please look click here.



Are you ready to take it to another level? If so, then this is for you.This is for the LJ connoisseur. Whether it's texting & skyping like long-distance lovers do, weekly dinner dates & the occasional overnight. I'm your go-to woman.

Regardless if it's a semi-exclusive or an exclusive friendship on my end,  I'm going to be one of the best girlfriends you've ever had... without those pesky strings. As familiar as we are with one another, let's explore together.

Send me a note and let's chat about the possibilities.