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LJ ads intrigued me and I tried to see her when she was closer by but our schedules conflicted. Fortunately she returned to the area about a few weeks later. I submitted the required info via her site's booking form and with a few emails, a deposit, and brief conversation our appointment was confirmed. The session was great and left me plenty drained.



I came across LJ’s profile on twitter and was captivated by her strong, sexy personality and her obviously beautiful figure. When I noticed that she would be in my area (DC) the following month, I quickly sent her the necessary screening information, to which she sent a thoughtful and flirty reply (As an aside, I believe that LJ is now working with a well-regarded assistant to help her with booking/screening, so I can’t comment on that process). This back and forth with LJ continued all the way to our date, making it nearly impossible to wait to see her. The wait was absolutely worth it, however, as LJ is a singularly amazing experience that I can’t wait to repeat. It's probably for the best that she lives across the country, as I would spend far too much time with her if I could.



Opportunities don't come along every day. So when I had an opportunity to meet up with Miss James while she was in town, I jumped on that and prebooked ASAP. I'll end the summation saying this: if you have a chance to meet her, do so with the utmost quickness.



I "met" London James almost a year ago on SWitter. She was (and is) a delightful lady who was fun to talk with. I quickly came to appreciate her wit, her insight and intelligence, and her grace and compassion. As she is not based in Chicago, and I don't travel much, it's taken a long time for us to meet in person. But when I learnt she was coming here on tour I jumped at the opportunity to finally meet her.

We met in her beautiful hotel. I had booked a social hour and then two hours of private time. We spent the first hour in delightful conversation. I felt immediately comfortable with her - and I opened up to her quite a bit. Quite therapeutic to feel so vulnerable and open with someone you trust so much. Also quite sensual. The whole hour we were gently touching each other - nothing overtly sexual - just enough to arouse the senses. Very romantic and sensual. Suffice it to say that I was very ready to go by the end of the hour.

For those of you that have any questions about larger ladies, let me say this: London James is one of the most erotic, sensual, and sexy ladies I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. Get over your doubts and meet her. You will not be disappointed.



I just had the privilege of meeting LJ this week, and I am so glad I did!

I was intrigued with London when I saw her earlier this year due to her photos and previous reviews here and elsewhere. After learning she moved to Minneapolis and knowing my business takes me there frequently, I immediately pulled the trigger when I found out I'd be back in town. Screening was easy through employment verification and she was discreet through the whole process. 

As usual, I was nervous and excited to meet her which is why I scheduled a dinner date; time to get to know one another. And believe me, she was well worth the six month wait! Young but mature. Luxurious but genuinely down to earth. Calm but energetic. Inquisitive and sassy. Confident but humble. She has it all, brains and beauty. When I think of plus size models in magazines, I think of LJ. I couldn't have had a better time! Those who can, keep reading. Those who can't, I whole heartedly recommend!



London is an intelligent, sweet, genuine, lady that goes above and beyond pleasure as she truly enjoys what she does. She does have a very detailed website which I found made it easy to get a feel of who she is. Followed her screening process and emailed my way to the balcony suite in River North she had chosen as what she referred to as our "shag pad". I had a wonderful time with this amazing woman, we connected on more than just a sexual level, and there's already talks of what we'll get into when she visits again.



This was my second visit with LJ. My first time was based on a recommendation from another provider who said she is an extremely attractive, well rounded provider ... and she was. We clicked on our first visit, and scheduled an extended appointment when she would be visiting another town I could get to.

LJ is mixed racial. If that is a problem for you, then go no further. It does give her an exotic look that makes you wonder just where is she from (ask her, she isn't shy about it ...)

LJ is plus sized. If that is a problem for you, then go no further. I hate that term, but she openly admits that she is. But that description doesn't communicate that she exercises a lot (she can squat my weight - and I am not a small guy). Underneath her soft, feminine curves is a powerful and strong woman. Which brings me to ...

LJ is an intelligent provider. If that intimidates you, then go no further. She is educated (post graduate) and travels. Some see that as "uppity", but she brings it with a fair amount of sass and a very grounded attitude. 

What this means is that she is both intriguing out in public (and yes, we had a dinner date first) and extremely sensual. LJ is the total package - brains and beauty. Her website does a great job of describing who she is, and gives a good indication of what meeting her will be like. 

Her website photos are a good indication of what you can expect visually as well - accurate and updated regularly - but they do not do her justice. A lot of guys say that, but in this case the pics show an occasional glimpse of a smile, but they do not show that full personality that she has. When she smiles, LJ glows with a presence that is infectious and leaves you wanting to experience more.



I’ve been using TER to find ladies for years but have never felt compelled to join and write a review until now. London or “LJ” as she is sometimes called caught my eye when she first started advertising for her late November/early December NYC trip. Unfortunately, she was unable to make it due to her work commitments keeping her in Boston. I followed her on Twitter to keep up with her and boy is she a riot in the best way. When I saw on TER and on Twitter that she was coming to NYC in late March, I reached back out to see if she could make time for me. Luckily for me she did. Screening was a breeze through her website – she had it done within 24 hours. She was ncredibly organized, prompt, and sweet in our exchanges both over email and text. 

I am looking forward to a repeat visit when she is back in NYC.




So continuing my adventures in Curvy-Land, I had the great pleasure of meeting recently with the sassy and bodacious London James, a travelling companion visiting from the good 'ole US of A. After seeing her ad on this very board, tempted by her drool-inducing figure and exotic features, I knew I had to meet the flesh!

Arriving at her hotel incall, she opened the door, greeting me with her amazing smile, a smile that could ( and surely can!) light up the darkest of rooms!... I enjoyed learning about London and her life, as she is a very intelligent and well-travelled person, having another... job while also being in the process of obtaining her PhD.... As for me...errr...well, I showed her my sketchbook full of shitty life drawings XD! (I had the idea that maybe I could draw her if there was enough time left at the end of our meeting...) 

I then offered to take a shower... and coming out, towel to my waist, London was in front of the large windows of the bedroom, wearing only her tasteful lingerie, barely containing her lustful curves, ready to burst out of their forced captivity! We kissed...and, I must say, London is e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t at this. She has the most luscious, sulky lips, and she uses her tongue like a pro. In fact, I never had this much tongue action before! And she liked to tease a bit: kiss passionately, then pull her head out to the side, while I hungrily chased her lips with mine, trying to catch her mid-flight! Oh, you saucy devilish minx!!... 

So, in the end, move over Barack Obama, get lost Joe Rogan, London James is officially my new favorite American citizen!
Vote for London! 

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Pros: lovely rubenesque-GND-yet-exotic-lady with a great sassy personality, GFE service which can go in PSE territory and then back again, great BBBJ skills with DT and BLS, lips made for kissing, an ass that deserves bowing to!!!

Cons: ...I can't think of anything!

Recommended!! You betcha!




London (LJ)  is fairly new to the hobby. I noticed her profile a few months ago and thought I would keep an eye on her. She’s a small BBW and everything about her marketing (website, Twitter, board profile, etc.) is clear on that. If you’re into spinners or providers offering lower end donation rates then LJ is not for you. However, my preference is for women with ample curves... particularly black women... and she fit the bill perfectly. 

Once inside her place we chatted on her couch and got acquainted for 15-20 minutes before proceeding to make out like teenagers for another 15 minutes or so. At some point we decided to take the party to the bedroom.

LJ is an awesome young lady who is also extremely educated. She’s working on her doctorate and has a full time job that keeps her occupied during weekdays. I would highly recommend her if you’re into the type of lady that can challenge you both physically & mentally.



How to describe my first meeting with Miss James. That is a true dilema. It is rare that you find someone as real and down to earth as London. I would describe the entirety of the experience in a single word, Perfection. She is a true delight to spend time with. Her eyes glint with mischief and she puts you at ease and makes you feel as if you've known her your whole life from the first moment. She is a gem to talk to and even makes the silences between discussions feeling wonderfully familiar and relaxing. I cannot comment enough on her beauty both physically and personality wise. Your time will be spent in complete rapture and you will forget about every stress and be completely in the moment. From the moment she walked into the room she made me feel like we were old friends re-uniting after a time apart. After a drink and some light conversation and our first wonderful kiss, we decided we really needed to cut our cocktail hour a little short and head up to the hotel room and get to know each other a little better. VIPs read on - non VIPs you are doing yourself a disservice by not spending time with this wonderful woman.



I was headed to Dallas for business and reached out on the regional board for suggestions for a curvier girl, like Ashley Graham. London had reached out to me and after researching her, she caught my eye with her body and her offerings of GFE, PSE, and Kink. Screening was easy & she verified me within a day. She was professional, sweet, and very accommodating with my requests. 

The day of, when London came in, my jaw dropped. She was wearing a beautiful black dress and heels that showed off her curves. Her pictures do not do her justice as you can tell she has lost a considerable amount of weight but she’s still curvy. I didn’t know what to expect because her pictures a blurred some but she has the most gorgeous face & skin tone. She gave me a warm hug and kiss on the cheek like we were old friends catching up. We clicked immediately and spent some time talking and laughing over drinks before moving on to my room. 

VIPs read on. Others: this young woman is a hidden gem. If her body is the issue, for her body type she is truly model material. She oozes sensuality, is gorgeous as hell, and is just an amazing young woman. I ended up extending my time.



I wasn't planning on seeing her until another provider who I enjoy time with said they'd met socially for lunch and had clicked. I commented that I'd love to see them as a duo. She joked on twitter why I hadn't booked time with her, and I sat back and said "100 miles and funds". Gave it some thought, and decided a road trip  wasn't too bad, and I actually had most of her rate from a cancellation - so I made it happen. 

LJ is a larger girl on a 5'4" frame. She has lost a lot of weight and is (literally) exercising her ass off. Having said that... sexy as hell and oozes sensuality. She is a "soft" woman. She also has the perfect hourglass figure. She both looks and feels like a woman and not a pre-pubescent boy. 

We clicked. I'll see her again. Just need to talk her into coming back this way...

Would you honestly see again: Hell yes!



Met London during the week, at the Boston M&G. Was struck by her looks. Glasses and red lips in a super cute face - sexy, geek girl look! Look down and a marvelous round bottom fills out her barstool; very curvy figure. Went and chatted with her and was intrigued. She's well traveled and a serious, grad student - if she'd been around I might have finished the program. After spending a good part of the party with her, I knew I had to see her before she left town. We made arrangements for the weekend at the party and finalized the details the next day via email. I arrived near her hotel and after quick call was headed to her room with a bottle of wine and some presents. Was greeted at the door by London in heels and a skirt - think hot intern. She could be at any meeting you've ever been at. We greeted each other with a hug and a kiss and moved into the room...

London is a charmer and I plan on seeing her again for longer the next time she's in town. If she comes to your area or you to her's make a point of seeing her.



I am not a review oriented individual; however, some personal life events are pulling me away from this world for some time and I want to ensure London’s success any way I can. I found London through a former companion’s Twitter account that I no longer see. I browsed her timeline and found her to be witty, sarcastic, intellectual, positive, and gorgeous. I enjoy my girls to have curves on them & her rubenesque figure was exactly what I wanted. I communicated with her via twitter & booked with her directly via email. She responded promptly and once my verification was complete, we chatted over the phone for a bit to gather more details. She’s always been on time, well-dressed, authentic, and wantonly insatiable. I have seen London numerous times and opted to do overnights with her when in town these last few times. If you are looking for a small BBW/voluptuous girl model type that truly loves sex this is it. VIPs I urge you to run to this girl as she is truly a one of a kind provider. 

-  Servergott, TER, October 2016


I have met London several times. She has told me that she was very new to the scene, I found this to be very surprising as the experience she provided was far above and beyond what I was expecting. She responded very promptly to my contact, using her website booking form. We corresponded through emails then texts. The pictures on her site depict this sassy and beautiful BBW. Those pictures, which are being updated in early October I'm told do not do her justice. She is far more radiant in person than in image. We met at an upscale hotel in Dallas. We started with dinner and drinks before heading to her room for some "down time". Overall it felt very familiar. She acted like a long time girlfriend with a fiery sexy gleam in her eyes. Very easy to talk to and takes care of what needs to be taken care of.  She is the only escort I will ever see in Dallas, hands down.

-Abyssal, TER, September 2016


"I'd like to start by saying any image you find of London pales in comparison to her in person looks. She emits this impossible radiance that just floods the room and every space she is in. Regardless if it’s casual, intimate, or public, her ability to consume the envy of all around is breathtaking. Her skin is her greatest physical feature; the mixture of her blood creates the most gorgeous color of brown, truly amazing. She is an extremely classy lady, or as she likes to refer to herself "bougie," and she deserves every bit of high class there is. 

The first time I met her was very casual. Despite being with this woman for only an hour, I had the desire to just lay and rest. She made me feel "at home," which to some may not be what they are looking for in someone in this field, but to others it can be great. Now, that being said, spending a weekend with her in New Orleans was a completely different experience. There is something carnal about making out with incredibly sexy woman up against a building in the French quarter in the rain.

As I mentioned, her appearance when you meet her far exceeds any picture taken, so trying to explain her looks would not do her justice. I will say one thing, her body; the term "luscious" comes to mind. This bronze skinned goddess will give any man or woman the best experience they can hope for, be it simply sitting on the couch playing ‘Saints Row’, or getting to know one another more intimately, she is the best.

10 out of 10 will meet again."

- Private Review | Published W/Author's Permission | August 2016


"I have had two encounters with the incomparable London James. We first met over dinner in Dallas. On entering the room, all eyes turned her way. She was fashionably dressed, pitched perfectly to the restaurant and our date. As I rose to meet her, I was briefly lost in her hazel eyes. Or perhaps it was the way the light glowed softly on her caramel skin. Either way, I recovered myself, and invited her to join me for a meal.

Time passed quickly as we conversed over our repast. Beyond being easy to chat with, I found London charming, witty, and intelligent. Should you be nervous about meeting her, you are quickly put at ease. She has the courteous manner of a classic southern belle, and yet is somehow utterly down-to-earth as well. Our conversation ranged over any number of different topics, ebbing and flowing naturally. Neither of us noticed the clock, enjoying our time together.

After a light dessert, we departed the restaurant. Escorting her to the door, she put her arm through mine and flashed me a smile, full of happiness and just a bit of naughty possibility. Off to my hotel room.

A gentleman does not kiss and tell. But I will offer that London's physical attributes are a sight to behold. She's a beauty from head to toe, from cascading curly hair, through her delightfully “Rubenesque” figure to her cute little toes. Yes, I may have lost any sense of objectivity, but that's easy to do when you see her. As to her gifts and skills in other areas, I will only say that they are unmatched. Should you choose her rest easy; you are about to be in the company of the best, the elite. 

As I said, I had two encounters with her. The second time around, knowing each other a little better, and with some of the pressure off, I asked her to suggest a restaurant, as I am not a Dallas native. She offered up a delightful location with a terrific menu and (happily for me) a terrific bartender. The location was a bit more casual than the previous steakhouse, and yet she still hit it out of the park with her outfit. Somehow, she manages to make jeans and a cute t-shirt look as good as a formal dress. Again, our conversation flowed freely, she easily remembered details from our previous date and made me feel (and I know this is a cliché, but it's true) at home.

She knows the world and she moves easily through it. I know I could take her to a box seat at the opera or a backyard barbecue. My only concern would be the jealousy of the men (and perhaps even a few women) around me. Samuel Johnson once said "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." Though he spoke of the city, he could have just as easily been speaking of the delightful London James. I know for certain that I shall never grow tired of her."

- Private Review | Published W/Author's Permission | Aug. 2016


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