Birthday Wishlist


Another year and another revolution around the sun. This year for my birthday, I'll be spending some time closer to home. Want to make it my best birthday yet? I've dropped some ideas for you below! Regardless, I am sending you a preemptive "thank you" for thinking of me during this amazing month. Your hand crafted, cheeky "thank you" note will be on it's way shortly! 

If you rather give something that keeps on giving, these are some of the charities I personally support, & stores & items that have been on my radar & bring a twinkle to my eye! For items that require shipping, please find my shipping address here: 

P.O. Box 18506
Richmond, VA 23226




wishful thinking

Make sure to open in a new tab!

Should you opt to give a gift from this list, please email me so I may update this list. I promise, I'll still be very surprised!